Hey people,

I havent been on for a while so here is an update.

Day before spring break (thursday):
1st hour: Free day
2nd hour: Fun english day
3rd hour: Worked on my ant for art class
4th hour: Finished watching a movie. After the movie my friend Tia and I from art class were joking about rehab (drug rehab and how I'm addicted to drugs....lol which I'm not XD. The type of rehab I was going to go into was PT & OT for the paralysis over spring break, but then insurance denied it. My friend Tia also gave me a hug 

First day of spring break (Friday):
Spent the day at Peds Hemo/Onc Clinic having labs drawn and getting a unit of blood (Blood transfusion).

Left to go to Cleveland ,Ohio.
My mom, little sister, and I are currently at the Ronald McDonald House in Cleveland, Ohio (for medical care).
My little sister and I decorated easter eggs last night.
I watched house and went to bed at midnight

The "EASTER BUNNY CAME TO THE HOUSE".....LOL                                                     
My little sister and I both received a bunch of candy and a stuffed animal and there will also be branch later this morning.So that my update for now


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