Grr I had to stay home from school today I was sick...I will go to school tomorrow tho!!!
Right now I am doing iron cleation thearpy and my leg itches like crazzzzzzzy right now, due to a hive reaction. I am unfortunately allergic to the medicine that I have to take, because without this medicine the iron overload in my body would attack my vital organs, such as the heart and liver. Deferoxamine (desferal) takes anywhere from 4-12 hours Subcutaneous (sub-Q) for  4-7 nights a week depending on the person. For me I do desferal 7 nights a week for 12 hours a night, but since I have had the paralysis from a stroke in March of  '09 my doctor decided to cut me down to 4 nights a week for 12 hours. On the bright side of all of this I am not going to let any of this stop me or get me down because I am strong.

Pretty Is As Pretty Does

Remember Your Always Pretty No Matter What Don't Let People Tell You Are Not Pretty.

Today I talked to a girl named Flora. She is a thirtenn year old girl. She has went through some hard times for five years know she has had a eating disorder called anorexia and right know as of today she is geting weaker and she can barly get out of bed. She is home schooled becasue of her illnes. She had told me she is very lonley and wishes she could be normal and go places like church. So if you want to add her and be her friend she is a very nice girl. She is just like you and me.
I just finished watching this show called "Jessica Simpson's The Price Of Beauty" and I am speechless Jessica just went to thailand,I fell just this one time watching this,that that show has a meaning like our group.Their meaning is that beauty comes in different ways and not what we Americans expect it to be.

Love is something that you hold onto,

Love is when you feel dreamy for someone,

Love is something that you will always cheerish

Love is apart of me,my life and everywhere I go I see love between a person or figure

In class we have 2 write a 6 page story about something that interest us so I choose this group so if you want to give me ideas fill free

I am a STRUGGLEr. Today I am back in school and doing ok. I am slowly getting stonger each day. As of tomorrow it will be a year since I had a stroke in '09

Dear Journal,

Life right now is all right but being a girl child in a al Jamaican family is hard. I am expected to do every thing right in this house like clean up, make food and take care of my older brother who doesn't appreciate my help. School is all right it is just that I m struggling with Math. Last week friday my dad did a MRI wuch was scary because I thought they would find an aneurrsm like my mom had. But it did not turn out that way,he is alright though.






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