Today I talked to a girl named Flora. She is a thirtenn year old girl. She has went through some hard times for five years know she has had a eating disorder called anorexia and right know as of today she is geting weaker and she can barly get out of bed. She is home schooled becasue of her illnes. She had told me she is very lonley and wishes she could be normal and go places like church. So if you want to add her and be her friend she is a very nice girl. She is just like you and me.

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    STRUGGLE is about kids & teens telling about their struggles in life. We plan to tell people about our struggles and help people with theirs. We might have our days when we don't want to talk about our  struggles because of something that changes the plan, but we will always have each others backs no matter what.” - Aleah The Founder of STRUGGLE

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