I can't run away from my fear again I have to face it. But facing it is something I don't what to do. Now you may ask what am I talking about. What I am talking about is hurt. The hurt is my grandmother. A few weeks ago was the fifth anniversary of her death I did not write that day because all I could do was cry of hurt and now I am going to face this fear of hurt. Now I am facing this fear because of me.I can't just be someone who is afraid I have to move on but I don't want to because the fear comes up alot but my fear is not only my grandma but losing more people in my life at my age. Losing people is something no one whats to face but I face it alot. I lost 2 of my grand parents before I was born and my dad just can't open up to it,I lost my grandma at 5 or 6 (don't remember was in the 1st grade), I almost lost one of my parents because of a some type of brain tumor (can't spell it).Now I am having someone come into my life and I don't know if the person is going to come out before I even meet the person.My fear is something that does get the best of me but it is something I can't explain to people but only write it. My fear can come and go but stays with me through out.

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xgirlrocks20 05:52 PM on April 21, 2010 
AWH I am so sorry if you ever need any one to talk to i am here for you :(

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