Grr I had to stay home from school today I was sick...I will go to school tomorrow tho!!!

Today I went to the library and got some books when I saw an arts and craft book and thought of struggle, so I got some books on making things. So I am planning on making beaded bandannas, sweet and fruity Lip gloss, cool anklets, and more to come. Yesterday I was not on because my dad went through a test so I was watching over him.

Not again....Back to the hospital with my sis....Cant wait to go see her tomorrow i have  missed her lots

the truth is a bad thing to me its like some one scrating a chalkbord. God says Do not lie. So  why cant ppl haddle the truth. If you broke s vase in the house and you lie your parent gets pissed but then if you tell the truth they get even more pissed. If you tell someone the truth about something ths happening and the dis agree they get pissed so wat can we doo tell the truth or lie i pick none.
I no ppl havent been on ALOT SO IM WRITING  today about a couple of topics

  1. promoting our site
  2. choosing to tell or not
  • i have been kind of moving around that issue at school well for one thing im scared and  ppl can judge at my school last time i went to the dean of students ask her about something and she really liked it but when i told her it was my group she said she has to think about it and never came back to me because of idk
I can't run away from my fear again I have to face it. But facing it is something I don't what to do. Now you may ask what am I talking about. What I am talking about is hurt. The hurt is my grandmother. A few weeks ago was the fifth anniversary of her death I did not write that day because all I could do was cry of hurt and now I am going to face this fear of hurt. Now I am facing this fear because of me.I can't just be someone who is afraid I have to move on but I don't want to because the fear comes up alot but my fear is not only my grandma but losing more people in my life at my age. Losing people is something no one whats to face but I face it alot. I lost 2 of my grand parents before I was born and my dad just can't open up to it,I lost my grandma at 5 or 6 (don't remember was in the 1st grade), I almost lost one of my parents because of a some type of brain tumor (can't spell it).Now I am having someone come into my life and I don't know if the person is going to come out before I even meet the person.My fear is something that does get the best of me but it is something I can't explain to people but only write it. My fear can come and go but stays with me through out.

Again I am watching this show. It really is eye opening to see what beauty is in diffrent contries. The episode I watched was about Jessica going to Uganda(I saw only the first and 4th episode not the one were she goes to India or Paris tho) and beauty to them is Fat.Isn,t tat weirod we americas don't even want to be fat only skinney. To me this show is like deja vu Sydney's grandma says"Pretty Is As Pretty Does

Remeber Your Always Pretty No Matter What Dont Let People Tell You Are Not Pretty"And know jessica is showing us this in a show that people watch.I hope you guys watch this and see how eye opening it is:)

Hey people,

I havent been on for a while so here is an update.

Day before spring break (thursday):
1st hour: Free day
2nd hour: Fun english day
3rd hour: Worked on my ant for art class
4th hour: Finished watching a movie. After the movie my friend Tia and I from art class were joking about rehab (drug rehab and how I'm addicted to which I'm not XD. The type of rehab I was going to go into was PT & OT for the paralysis over spring break, but then insurance denied it. My friend Tia also gave me a hug 

First day of spring break (Friday):
Spent the day at Peds Hemo/Onc Clinic having labs drawn and getting a unit of blood (Blood transfusion).

Left to go to Cleveland ,Ohio.
My mom, little sister, and I are currently at the Ronald McDonald House in Cleveland, Ohio (for medical care).
My little sister and I decorated easter eggs last night.
I watched house and went to bed at midnight

The "EASTER BUNNY CAME TO THE HOUSE".....LOL                                                     
My little sister and I both received a bunch of candy and a stuffed animal and there will also be branch later this morning.So that my update for now

This Weekend i went to my grandma and grandpas and my aunt and uncle came down from Iowa. Today my uncle had to fly to Florida because his dad just got really sick the don't think he will make it :(

Last night was rough couldn't sleep .Today was good tho. My brother me and my nephew made a movie so talk later





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